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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Falafel Adventures

Falafel is a delicious meal and excellent source of protein. Last night we decided to try the recipe from scratch rather than from a box. We went to Mark Bittman's blog and found a good, easy recipe. I think it would have turned out great but for one error, we used canned chick peas rather than soaking fresh ones. It seems that you can only make falafel with previously uncooked chickpeas, otherwise the falafel balls will just fall apart when you try to fry them. In addition, I mistakenly tried frying the humus my wife made instead of the falafel mix(they look similar!). For your information, it doesn't come together with frying either. At any rate, I would recommend the Bittman recipe for falafel, it tastes great and I think if you use dried soaked chick peas, you'd be fine!

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