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Friday, July 24, 2009

Eat Less Meat

Why do we eat meat(red meat, chicken, fish, turkey, veal, pork) every day of the week? Where did that start? Do we need that much meat. I don't believe we do. There are plenty of vegetarians out there who do just fine. I agree with Mark Bittman, Michael Pollan and many others who advise cutting down on the amount of meat we eat. Not only is it healthier but its better for the planet as well.

Raising cattle for red meat is particularly detrimental to our health and the planet. Most beef cattle in this country are fed corn, a substance they were never meant to eat. Think about it, did you ever drive down the road and see cattle grazing on corn by the side of the road? No, cows were meant to eat grass. Cattle have an amazing digestive system that can turn grass into muscle(meat). If you feed them corn instead of grass, cows get terrible indigestion and they get fat as well. This indigestion they get only worsens global warming through these thousands of cows expelling gas and the fat they gain makes both them and us less healthy.

Why not go meatless two days a week? Think about it, substitute meat with pasta/vegetables, eggs or dairy. Don't be afraid of missing protein, that is not a problem in this country for the most part. You will most certainly get enough protein in the eggs, dairy and vegetables you eat. For some great vegetarian recipes see my last post and also the many blogs linked to this site.

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