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Saturday, December 5, 2009


I used to drink soda all day long at work mainly because it was there....we have sales reps bring in lunch almost on a daily basis...lucky us. A few months back I decided to drop soda all together. I replaced my lunch time drink with water which works out fine. For the afternoon I drink herbal tea or regular tea. I realized that in the winter mostly I am much happier drinking something warm and tea does the trick. I drink it straight but many obviously choose honey or sugar and/ or milk. The nice thing about drinking tea straight or water is that there is really no nutritional issues to be concerned with. No calories, no fat, just the sensation of something warm and wet which is all I really am looking for it turns out.

If you choose to drink tea, knwo that there is caffeine in real tea... black and green tea leaves. Herbal varieties will usually tell you that they are decaffeinated.

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